mosaic table eggs
vintage dishes hand painted
shrine bass spoken here
mid century bottle tree
paper flowers victorian
Traditional and quirky treasures.

Here’s the backstory! Although I am now retired, I practiced as a registered nurse for about 40 years. Back then my co-workers were baffled by my behavior, traveling long distances to set up at the antique shows to sell my wares, then coming home barely ahead once you counted all the expenses. When they would ask me, “Patsy, wouldn’t you be better off to sell your things around here instead of going so far away to try to sell them?” I always told them the same thing, “I’d have been better off if I had stayed home and flushed $100.00 bills down the toilet, you never know until you try.” Of course there is nothing like the high you get when you have a successful sale, but also nothing like the low due to poor sales. That got me thinking about why I kept trying. Wasn’t it Einstein that defined insanity as repeating the same behavior while expecting different results?

After years of introspection, I have arrived at the conclusion that the fault lies with my paternal grandfather. He passed away when I was about 5 and I hardly remember him, but he had a secondhand shop in Abilene, Texas. When we went to Mee-Maw and Paw-Paw’s house for Sunday dinners, he always gave us kids a little drawstring tobacco bag of pennies, and after lunch (called dinner in Texas) he took us to his store where we could buy stuff with our sack of money. It was dim, poorly lit and a little scary, especially to such a youngster, but also exciting to look forward to the treasure hunting we could do with our 5 or 7 cents. There were big barrels full of high heels and we girls rummaged through them trying to find matching pairs, then, tried them on and paraded through the store like movie stars. I still have a small gold metal sample tube of lipstick and a tiny harmonica that I “bought” at that store.

So, it’s Paw-Paw’s fault, He infected me with the junk bug, and having lived with it for so many years, I now accept that there is no cure but death. I want to go to the beach and live it up drinking pina coladas, but instead I go to every garage sale, thrift store and estate auction within miles, no matter the weather or bank balance. Finding the next hidden treasure is my drug of choice. Owning it or selling it doesn’t give me the same high, yet I must sell to enable my next “fix”. Yes, it is an addiction. I am thinking of founding another AA: Antiquers Anonymous.Let me know if you are likewise afflicted and need peer support!

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